Rozpoczęły się zapisy do jedenastej kampanii turnieju Forgotten Honor: FH1 zatytułowanej Götterdämmerung. Jedenasta kampania turnieju Forgotten Honor: FH1 kontynuuję tradycje turnieju Forgotten Honor: Europe oraz znanemu wielu polskim graczom turnieju Forgotten Honor: Americana w organizacji rozgrywek opartych na modyfikacji Forgotten Hope dla Battlefield 1942. Zainteresowanych zapraszam do rozwinięcia newsa (w języku angielskim).

Götterdämmerung - Steel, Blood, and Snow

Looking to add excitment to your gaming?
Do you want to play as part of a team?

Forgotten Honor is for you. Join an army and participate in the best tournament around. Be a member of an elite company and fight to win the campaign. Plug yourself into the history of the war, recreating battles with new friends. With Large scale tank battles and close quarters infantry combat, there will be intense action for every player. Battles are played on Saturdays with time split between European and American servers.

I am very proud to announce that this season's FHT mod, map, and graphics development has already taken an initiative to make this campaign like none seen before. We will give you a new experience based on the wonderful Forgotten Hope-mod. The next campaign will be fought from the fields of Russia to the gates of Berlin. The latest equipment available will be used throughout the campaign including content new to Forgotten Hope.

On behalf of the whole F|H nerve center I wish you all an unforgettable campaign.


3rd Shock Army

12th Guards Rifle Corps
8th Motorized Brigade
1455th Assault Artillery Regiment
33rd Motorized Rifle Regiment

9. Armee

58. Panzerfüsilier Abteilung
256. Panzerjäger Batallion
291. Feldunterstützung Batallion
337. Aufklärungs Abteilung

To some, this tournament represents a simple pleasure in life- something they take part in to blow off their week of hard work. To others, this tournament represents something more. For some, [F|H] provided them with lessons in time of uncertainty and support during times of weakness. The time and effort invested by the Map/Mod development Team will continue to help make a difference in the hearts and minds of those who belong to this community.

Thank you, and may the fruition of our efforts continue.


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